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Solid wood panels

In its production plant, TEHNOOPREMA d.o.o. produces solid wood panels as semi-products, which according to the manner of production and their structure can be finger jointed panels and edge glued panels.

Finger jointed panels are made by merging short wooden lamellas of varying length, first lengthwise and then across.

Edge glued panels are formed by connecting lamellas lengthwise so that the length of a lamella corresponds to the length of the panel.

Types of wood used are beech, walnut, oak and other types of wood.

Characteristics of solid wood panels: strength, durability – they do not change their shape over the time and are not prone to tree defects, distinctive look – they maintain the unique natural structure of wood, fine finishing and suitability for further processing. Because of the many advantages, solid wood panels are widely used in interior decoration, production of furniture and stairs.

Further, in its own production plant, TEHNOOPREMA d.o.o. produces elements for furniture, as well as furniture made of solid wood panels.