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The Company’s production program is rounded up with the production of pellet that is used as heating material.

Pellet is a product obtained exclusively by pressing sawdust under high pressure without adding any binding agents. The pellet possesses very small amount of moisture that gives it a high energy efficiency.

In our production plant, we produce pellets from beech that does not contain any adhesives and additives. The composition is 100% pure wood. It meets high environmental standards without endangering the environment and nature.

Pellets, and biomass in general, are increasingly used for heating. Biomass is a long-term solution, because it is produced from renewable energy sources, while all other fuels are in limited quantities.

In addition, a very important element is the economic cost effectiveness of obtaining the thermal energy produced by the pellet, which is two to six times cheaper than the one that comes from fossil fuels.

The shape and size of the pellets are suitable for easy transport. The high density allows compact storage, and thus the pellet requires very little storage space. Pellet is usually packed in bags of 15 kg, which are easy to handle, while for the industry is packed in bags of one ton - jumbo bags.

It is suitable for heating family houses, hotels, hospitals, kindergartens and large industrial systems.