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About us

Company TEHNOOPREMA d.o.o. was founded in 1991. The company’s headquarters is situated in Kraljevo, Serbia. It is a family company with a team of professionals for each activity.
The year 2015 was marked by further development, new investments, capacity expansion and technical upgrade of production.



Initially, the main activity of the company TEHNOOPREMA d.o.o. was wholesale and retail of construction material. In addition to construction materials for rough construction works, the sales program also includes complete material for the finishing works, which can entirely accompany the construction operations.



Furthermore, the company expands its activities into the provision of services regarding the organization and transportation of goods in domestic and international transport.


Real Estate

Company TEHNOOPREMA d.o.o. is an investor and a contractor of construction works on many attractive locations in Kraljevo - Serbia. The company’s residential and business buildings are built to the highest standards, with primary focus on the quality and customers’ needs.



During the year 2005, the company TEHNOOPREMA d.o.o. further has expanded its activities and focused on wood processing.

Production plant is located in Usce near Kraljevo, between the mountains that are rich in wood mass of beech and conifers.

In the production plant, all activities starting from cutting, thermal treating, through production of solid wood panels and furniture made of this solid panels, to the production of solid wood flooring and wall coverings.

According to the method of production and structure, the solid wood panels can be: finger jointed panels and edge glued panels.

The Company’s production program is rounded up with the production of pellet that is used as heating material.